Our Approach

We are a family run business based in Gloucestershire that supplies eggs (from 1/2 boxes doz to 720 doz pallets) to customers in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. With a small dedicated team on board we grade and package the eggs ourselves to ensure the highest quality. All of our eggs are free range and sourced from local farmers on the day of lay to ensure freshness. This is what we believe makes us different from our competitors and why they are so popular with our customers. We are ready to share our wonderful produce with you should you be interested in working with us!

(Registered with DEFRA and the Egg Marketing Board)

Our Story

My name is Moira Wells, and along with my partner Tony Harding, we co-founded ‘Happy Chucks’ in 2008 with just a few hundred free range chickens. Initially we sold our eggs on a local housing estate near to our home in Tewkesbury, and with regular Saturday orders our delivery round steadily grew and grew. To meet demand we started buying eggs from a local farm. We no longer have chickens of our own but buy in free range eggs from local farms. Over the past nine years our customer base has grown significantly and we now supply wholesale food merchants, independent supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and cafes.

Next Steps...

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